Lessons Learned in Project Management

Implementing and managing a CCP in the midst of disaster is challenging on any scale, regardless of the type of disaster or degree of devastation. However, great care must be taken by crisis counseling programs to implement management mechanisms that are able to sustain the services they tailor to the needs of their survivors. Learn about operational approaches and tools that Louisiana Spirit coordinated in relation to staffing, project management, and quality assurance... LEARN MORE

Lessons Learned in Organizing and Delivering Program Services

Organizing and delivering quality crisis counseling services requires a keen understanding of the needs of survivor populations and the ability to motivate survivors to seek help. Learn about counseling models that Louisiana Spirit implemented in relation to specific populations and how the program used the media to maximize outreach efforts... LEARN MORE

Lessons Learned in Taking Care of the Workforce

Mitigating burn out and managing stress levels of staff and crisis counselors are crucial elements to the success of any program. In the case of the response to the 2005 gulf coast hurricanes, staff care was even more critical since the majority were dealing with loss themselves. Learn how Louisiana Spirit empowered and nurtured their staff and counselors through training and stress management techniques... LEARN MORE