Emergency Medical Services

July 11, 2018
March 01, 2018
The Louisiana Department of Health, Office of Public Health, Bureau of Emergency Preparedness is inviting qualified proposers to submits proposals for mass fatality services needed in the event of a catastrophic disaster where body collection and related services are required.
October 25, 2017
These guidelines will be maintained by NASEMSO to facilitate the creation of state and local EMS system clinical guidelines, protocols or operating procedures. System medical directors and other leaders are invited to harvest content as will be useful. These guidelines are either evidence-based or consensus based and have been formatted for use by field EMS professionals.
October 25, 2017
There is ongoing discussion in the profession about how well the term “emergency medical services” accurately describes the full scope of the services provided by EMS organizations and personnel. The EMS Agenda 2050 Technical Expert Panel (TEP) considered this debate and chose to use “EMS” in this initial Straw Man document, as the profession has not yet agreed upon another way to refer to the many important services it provides to communities, or the individuals who deliver those services.