Starting in January 2016, the Bureau of EMS will publish detailed quarterly performance reports for state approved EMS Education programs on the Bureau of EMS website.  The performance matrix report will be presented in a similar format currently utilized by other license boards, regulatory agencies, and education institutions in Louisiana. The published data will include:

·         Program Name, NREMT Program Code

o    2016 data (Although historic data is available upon request, it will not be published by the Bureau of EMS on the website at this time.)

o    Number of students attempting the NREMT cognitive exam by level (EMR, EMT, AEMT, Paramedic)

o    Number and percent of students passing the NREMT cognitive exam on the first exam attempt

·         The state pass rate by license level for the same time period

·         The national pass rate by license level for the same time period

·         A sample of the data is provided below.


Program Name

Program Code

Attempted The Exam

First Attempt Pass

Statewide Rate

National Rate

Program XX



71%   (25 / 35)