Drinking Water Watch


The Department of Health and Hospitals' Office of Public Health - Safe Drinking Water Program monitors over 1,300 public drinking water systems throughout Louisiana to ensure compliance with state and federal drinking water regulations so residents, visitors and tourists have access to safe, clean water.

Safe Drinking Water Program staff collect, analyze and review water system samples to ensure each system does not violate contaminant levels and is meeting monitoring, analytical and treatment technique requirements. This surveillance helps prevent waterborne disease outbreaks or chemical exposure associated with contaminated drinking water.

The program's Drinking Water Watch database shows all historical reports of public water systems in Louisiana. Drinking Water Watch contains all inventory, analytical, compliance and enforcement data. Through this database, you can access public records for these water systems at no cost.

Click here to view the LDH Drinking Water Watch database

Please note that these data reflect technical information and full inspection results for each water system. You may see terms and measurements listed that are unfamiliar. If you have questions about any of these data or want more information, you can contact the water system (contact information for each system is included in the database) or the LDH Safe Drinking Water program.

For a summary of your water system's history, review your annual Consumer Confidence Report. Every public water system is required to deliver this report to all customers each year to inform them about the quality of their drinking water and the services that system provides. All current Consumer Confidence Reports and a map where you can locate the system for your parish are available here.

You may also visit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Enforcement & Compliance History Online (ECHO) website to see inspection results for all public water systems nationwide. ECHO contains analytics and trends, so you can see how your system compares to others around the country.

Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund

The Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund  (DWRLF) was established in 1997 in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996 to provide low-interest loans and technical assistance to public water systems in the state to assist them in complying with Federal and State drinking water regulations and to ensure that their customers are being provided with safe drinking water in order to protect the public health. This program is funded through Environmental Protection Agency capitalization grants, which are matched each year with 20 percent state monies.