According to Federal Law IDEA, all children diagnosed with a hearing loss must be referred to Part C (early intervention) within 48 hours

Early intervention is an integral part of the habilitation process for all children identified with hearing loss. Simply establishing an amplification system is only the first step. It is ethically and legally the responsibility of the audiologist to refer all children identified with hearing loss into an early intervention system.

In 2009, a new single point of entry into the system of early intervention was developed. The regional Outreach Teachers from PPEP have now been designated as the single point of entry for children identified with any type of hearing loss.

These changes were made in cooperation with Early Steps, LDH EHDI Program, and the PPEP program. These changes assure that families and their children who have hearing loss will have immediate access to:

• an individual with specialized skills, knowledge, and experience in the areas of early childhood language development, hearing loss, communication methods, and family support
• unbiased information on parent and family choices for communication and intervention services as recommended in 2007 Position Statement: Joint Committee on Infant Hearing.

The following information must be provided when referring a child to PPEP:
• Family contact information- at least two phone numbers if possible
• Documentation of hearing loss i.e. written report, audiogram, or copy of the Office of Public Health/Follow-up Services Report

A regional Outreach Teacher will contact the family. Services are provided to families of children who are identified at any age with any type or degree of either bilateral or unilateral hearing loss. Additionally, families of infants up to 3 years of age will be referred to Early Steps by the Outreach Teacher in order to receive any additional services the child might need. An additional Early Steps referral from the audiologist is not necessary.

PPEP services are statewide, cost-free, home/community-based services provided to families of children. Services are individualized to meet the needs and priorities of the family. Every family should be referred, and it will be the family's choice to determine their need for services.

Referrals to regional Outreach Teachers can be made by an audiologist:

Phone: 225-757-3331; Fax: 225-757-3332;
TDD: 225-769-8160x331; Email: