Video Resources

Below are links to video clips to help you understand newborn hearing screening and your child's hearing loss

From NCHAM, a short introduction for parents about why the hospital is doing hearing screening:

From the Colorado Hearing Foundation, a short presentation on how early screening and intervention can affect the development and learning of a child:

From University of Connecticut Health Center, an 18 minute presentation discussing the importance of early identification and screening and empowers the parents with practical information about early communication development and the hearing screening and follow up process.

From Hands and Voices, a short presentation on what to do if your baby does not pass the hospital hearing screening.

From Phonak Hearing Systems,This video discusses why hearing loss identification during the newborn period is so important and demonstrates the equipment and procedures used with infants and young child to do physiologic tests of middle ear and cochlear function, electrophysiologic (frequency specific) auditory brainstem response (ABR), and behavioral audiometry.