2014 Louisiana Health Report Card

As mandated by R.S. 40:1300.71
Kathy Kliebert, Secretary - Department of Health and Hospitals
J.T. Lane, Assistant Secretary - Office of Public Health

In 1995, the Louisiana legislature passed Act 985, which required that the Louisiana Department of Health prepare a yearly report card describing the overall health of its citizens and the state's health-related issues. In addition to informing Louisianans on the overall health circumstances in our state, this annual publication is an effective tool for health planning and evaluating the effectiveness of health programs.

This year's report includes:


  • Demographic information on the nine LDH regions and the state as a whole
  • Birth, low birth weight and teen birth numbers
  • Leading causes of injury deaths
  • Infectious diseases, rates and counts
  • Chronic diseases, uncontrollable risk factors
  • Surveillance in sexually transmitted diseases

The Louisiana Health Report Card is divided into seven chapters:

  1. Health Findings of Major Diseases
  2. Teenage Pregnancy and Birth Rates
  3. Rates of Low Birthweight Babies
  4. Suicide and Violent Deaths
  5. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  6.  Incidence of Drug Addictions
  7. Infectious Diseases


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