Outcomes Research

Some of the services provided through this office are:

Disease Management: Using a combination of clinical knowledge and data analyses, the Office of Outcomes Research and Evaluation, along with other clinical faculty from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, creates educational brochures for Louisiana Medicaid providers and recipients, for several different disease states. Learn more.

HEDIS®: Using the nationally recognized HEDIS® standards, the office staff tracks numerous measures of the quality of care on a quarterly basis. Learn more.

Louisiana Medicaid Drug Utilization Review (LaDUR):The office staff works closely with the LaDUR Committee to identify targeted recipients, provide background studies, and analyze the outcomes of the DUR program. Learn more.

Pharmacy Care Management: The office staff programmatically identifies recipients to be targeted for enrollment in the Asthma HELP and Diabetes HELP programs and provide a database and reports that contain the necessary supporting information.

Outcomes Studies:
Using SAS software tools, the office staff performs various studies that identify the outcomes of Medicaid recipients. The office staff utilizes paid claims data from the Louisiana Medicaid data warehouse and incorporates appropriate analyses  to provide inputs into Medicaid’s decision-making process. The office staff measures adherence to clinical  guidelines and helps to determine the impact of various policies and programs.