Human Resources

All LDH Policies are maintained as part of the Policy Issuance System. For more information on the Policy Issuance System or a specific policy, please contact  Below is a list of active LDH-wide Human Resources policies as well as any related forms. As other policy categories are published, they will also be listed below. Please refer to your respective office and/or facility for additional policies.

Forms & Instructions


Americans with Disabilities Act

Appointment and Pay of Student Employees

Certification of Compliance of Personnel Actions

Criminal History Records Check of Applicants and Employees

Crisis Leave Pool

Dual Career Ladder - Engineer 5

Electronic Mail Policy

Employee Conduct

Employee Discipline

Employee Drug Testing

Employee Handbook

Employee Lactation Support

Employee Performance Evaluation System

Employee Substance Abuse and Drug Free Workplace Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity

Family and Medical Leave Act Policy

General Training

Grievance Policy

Insurance Solicitation

LDH Employee Drug Testing Policy

LDH Employee Recognition and Rewards

LDH Employee Workers' Compensation Post-Accident Drug Testing Policy

LDH Fair Labor Standards Act Determinations Policy

Leave Policy for Classified LDH Employees

Longevity Policy


Optional Pay Adjustments (CS Rule 6.16.2)

Overtime Compensation for Disaster Operations Work

Overtime Policy

Pay for Extraordinary Qualifications (CS Rule 6.5g)

Pay Policy

Policy Issuance System 

Recoupment of Payroll Overpayments

Reference Checking

Sexual Harassment Policy


Temporary Appointments

Time Administration and Time Entry

Tobacco Free Workplace

Transitional Return to Work

Vacancy Announcements

Verification of Credentials

Waiver of Pay Reduction upon Voluntary Demotion

Work Schedules, Attendance and Punctuality

Workplace Violence



Adjusted Service Date HR 63

Agency Request for Extension of Detail to Special Duty

Certification of Supervisory Elements over Contract Personnel

Checklist for Review of PES Rating

Classified WAE Position Description

Computation of Leave Prior to Retirement

CS Rule 6.5g Request HR20

Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization, Main Bank (Primary Account)

Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization, Other Bank (Secondary Account) 

Disaster Operations Individual Time Sheet HR48

Disaster Operations Instructions for Time Sheet HR48

Employee Exit Survey/Questionnaire HR 65

Employee Separation Checklist HR64

FLSA Determination HR36

FMLA Alert Form HR31

FMLA Employee Request Form HR28

FMLA Flowchart

Grievance Form HR35

Human Resources Liaison Checklist HR11

Instruction for completing the HR20

Justification for Temporary Appointments HR3

Leave Request Form SF-6

License Verification Form LV1

New Employee Orientation Checklist HR66

Optional Pay Adjustment HR22

Overpayment Letter Active Employees HR39

Overtime Request HR23

Performance Evaluation System Agency Transfer

Performance Evaluation System Eval MVA

Performance Evaluation System Eval OAAS

Performance Evaluation System Eval OBH

Performance Evaluation System Eval OCDD

Performance Evaluation System Eval OPH

Performance Evaluation System Eval OS 

Performance Evaluation System Mid Year Review HR59 

Performance Evaluation System Request for Review

Performance Evaluation System Request for Review Acknowledgement HR55

Personal Data Form HR9

Position Description Form SF-3

Premium Pay Request HR58

Prior Pay Period Adjustment Form OSUPF036

Prior State Service Questionnaire HR6

Recognition and Rewards Request HR24

Reference Checking HR12

Request for Personnel Action HR1

SF-3a Optional Attachment

SF-3 Physical Requirements attachment blank

SF-3 Physical Requirements attachment Acct Auditor Human Resources

SF-3 Physical Requirements attachment template RN

SF-3 Physical Requirements attachment template Sanitarian

SF-3 Physical Requirements attachment template Social Services

Shift Differential Request Form HR57

Statement of Agreement and Understanding HR69

Student Application SF10D

Teleworking Agreement Form

Unclassified Position Description HR62

Voluntary Demotion Letter HR67

Waiver of Pay Reduction Upon Voluntary Demotion Request HR21

Work Schedule Form HR13


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