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The Louisiana Commission for the Deaf provides accessibility services for persons whom are deaf, deaf-blind, or have hearing loss or speech impairment to gain equal access to any public or private service.

What services are available?

Accessibility services include, but are not limited to:

  • Interpreting
  • Document Interpretation
  • Telecommunication Interpretation
  • Telecommunications and general accessibility equipment
  • Hearing Aids
  • Information and referral
  • Advocacy
  • Consumer Training
  • Public Service Announcements

For more information about the services we offer, check out the Service Provision Manual. 


Telephone and Video Relay Services

Telephone Relay Service is provided for anyone who has a Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD), who calls a Relay Service and the Relay Service, receives the TDD message and then calls and speaks to the person while "relaying" the conversation between them. Video Relay Services allow a Deaf person using American Sign Language to sign into a camera, mounted on their TV or computer, again sending that communication to a Relay Service, who then interprets what the Deaf person is saying into English on a phone with the party that the Deaf person wants to talk with.

How do I qualify for services?

Any Louisiana resident who has hearing loss and/or speech impairment is encouraged to apply for accessibility services.

Where do I apply for services?

Applying for LCD services means locating your LCD Regional Service Center. There are ten Regional Service Centers. Simply locate your parish below and contact the Regional Service Center staff. You can call, TDD, VP, e-mail or drop-in to make an appointment to complete an application and have a caseworker determine eligibility.

History of the Louisiana Commission for the Deaf
In 1980, the Louisiana Commission for the Deaf (LCD) was established by RS 46:2351 of the Louisiana Legislature to:

  • to promote, coordinate and facilitate accessibility of all public and private services to Deaf people, Deaf/Blind people, hard of hearing and speech impaired people;
  • serve as advocate for the needs and rights of deaf people;
  • collect information concerning deafness and provide for the dissemination of this information;
  • develop and implement a statewide program to insure continuity of services to deaf people;
  • inform deaf citizens, parents, and families of the availability of programs and services for deaf adults and children at all levels of state and local government;
  • promote the training of interpreters and assist in the establishment of interpreter training programs;
  • certify interpreters and maintain a registry of certified interpreters;
  • provide all services of the Commission to deaf people with visual impairments;
  • provide interpreter services to Deaf people in accordance with rules and regulations adopted by the Commission;
  • establish, administer, and provide a statewide program to provide access to all public telecommunications services by Deaf people, Deaf/Blind people, hard of hearing and speech impaired. Louisiana citizens with hearing or speech disabilities that require the use of a text telephone, telebrailler, or amplification equipment are eligible for the Telecommunication Access Program.



Each year over 20,000 residents benefit directly from services contracted for by the Louisiana Commission for the Deaf (LCD). LCD has eight (8) community-based Regional Service Centers who ensure accessibility is provided to all consumers.

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