Developmental Screening Resources and Tools for Providers

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends developmental screening for general development, autism, and maternal depression at specified well-child visits, as well as for social-emotional development and social determinants of health at regular intervals. Screening is now required by Louisiana Medicaid, following the AAP’s Bright Futures guidelines. The Louisiana Developmental Screening Guidelines (LDSG) build on these recommendations, and include a screening periodicity schedule for social-emotional development and environmental risk.

The recommended guidelines below can be used to determine when to screen and which instruments to use for each domain of screening. View the Louisiana Developmental Screening Guidelines Fact Sheet for more information on developmental screening guidelines.

It is important to remind families that a positive screen is not a diagnosis; it only indicates that further evaluation is needed.  

Louisiana Developmental Screening Guidelines Periodicity 

DS Guidelines 

*Follows AAP recommended screening periodicity
#Recommended by AAP without specified periodicity

Louisiana Developmental Screening Guidelines Recommended Instruments 

DS Guidelines Instruments

*ASQ-3, ASQ:SE-2, and SEEK each have an associated one-time nominal fee. The remainder of the recommended tools are public domain and available for free download.


Apply for Technical Assistance

New to developmental screening? Primary care practices can use this form to request resources and trainings on developmental screening and care coordination. Our technical assistance helps providers expand, strengthen, and refine developmental screening systems in their practices. Email the completed form to

Implementation Worksheet

This worksheet can help clinic staff plan or refine current developmental screening processes and responsibilities.


Developmental Screening Tools

Many quality screening instruments are available to providers. The Ages and Stages Questionnaire (abbreviated as ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE) each have a nominal fee, but the remainder of the tools are public domain and available for free. The tools in the recommended LDSG list may not meet the specific needs of every practice. Providers should use tools which best suit a clinic’s needs. Acceptable instruments are peer reviewed, valid, and reliable.   

Watch our webinar series on how to use the recommended developmental screening tools listed below.


Screening Tools for General Development

Screening Tools for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Screening Tools for Caregiver Well-Being

Screening Tools for Social-Emotional Development

Screening Tools for Social Determinants of Health


Developmental Screening Resources by Region

Each of these packets serve as a print-on-demand guide for providers and professionals to use when a child or family needs to be  referred  to additional services following a positive developmental, social, or behavioral screen. Resources are broken down by region of the state.


Additional Resources for Providers

For more information about Louisiana Developmental Screening, please contact the Developmental Screening Coordinator at 504-568-5055 or email