About Environmental Health

The environment is the air, water, land, and structures around us that make up communities. A healthy environment can add to the quality of life for individuals and communities. When the environment is safe, people are more likely to be free from diseases. Protecting Louisiana citizens against disease-causing contaminants in food, water, air, and soil requires collaboration among numerous entities. Government agencies, private businesses, environmental organizations, and private citizens all work to maintain a clean and safe environment. Private and public organizations inform the public about the potentially dangerous effects of some chemicals on people's health. Regulations govern how much of which chemicals can be released and disposed. Having safe food and water and maintaining healthy homes and businesses positively impact health and quality of life.

Sanitarian and Engineering Services within the Office of Public Health (OPH) protects the public's health by enforcing the Louisiana State Sanitary Code. The activities of sanitarians and engineers reduce the likelihood of disease transmission. Water systems are monitored to assure that water is safe to drink. Restaurants, molluscan shellfish growing areas, food and drug manufacturers, and the milk and dairy industry are monitored to assure that Louisiana products are safe for the public. In addition, the CEHS Section of Environmental Epidemiology and Toxicology (SEET) monitors possible human exposures to, and health risks from, events related to chemical agents in the environment.