Louisiana Birth Defects Monitoring Network

 The Louisiana Birth Defects Monitoring Network (LBDMN):

  • collects data on birth defects in children ages 0-3
  • provides information to families of children with birth defects on locally available medical, social and educational services
  • performs analysis of collected data to determine the frequency and distribution of birth defects in the state
  • uses collected data to plan and target birth defects prevention programs
  • strives to be an active partner in birth defects education and prevention efforts in Louisiana.

Our mission:
to prevent birth defects and birth defect-related
disabilities in Louisiana's children.

Birth defects are more common and more costly than you may realize:

  • More than 120,000 babies are born with birth defects in the United States each year (about 1 in 33 births).
  • Hospital costs for treatment of birth defect-related conditions exceed $2.5 billion annually.
  • In Louisiana, birth defects are a leading cause of infant mortality - roughly 20% of infant deaths each year are due to birth defects.


For More Information about the Louisiana Birth Defects Monitoring Network, contact Julie Johnston, Progam Manager at 225.342.2017