Pilot Projects

LEPHT Fish Tissue and Blood Mercury Pilot ProjectGet Adobe Reader

The purpose of the study was to collect fish-tissue mercury and human blood mercury data to identify communities where the residents had high blood mercury levels and were eating fish that had high levels of mercury. Information that was collected for the study could be used to educate the residents in the impacted areas about how to limit their contact with fish that contain high levels of mercury. Information from the study could also be used to identify areas where more fish-tissue and human blood mercury testing is needed.

Wood Preservation and Treatment Site Pilot ProjectGet Adobe Reader

The LEHET pilot project focused on linking environmental, exposure and health outcome data from wood preservation and treatment sites. Working in partnership with LDEQ and the OPH Safe Drinking Water Program, groundwater and drinking water data were compiled from areas near 22 abandoned or inactive wood preservation and treatment facilities throughout the state. The chemicals of interest for this project were: benzo(a)pyrene,*chromium, *copper, *arsenic (*found in chromated copper arsenate, also known as CCA) and pentachlorophenol (PCP). In addition to groundwater and drinking water data, LEHET compiled Louisiana Tumor Registry (LTR) bladder cancer data, lung cancer data and data from all cancer sites combined for the areas surrounding the wood preservation facilities. This project resulted in a private well water health educational campaign.