This website is intended to inform both the general public and governmental or tribal entities who are planning a crisis counseling program (CCP) about Louisiana Spirit. It is designed to stimulate new thoughts as CCP programs are being planned. The website is divided into six major sections. Each section can be accessed by clicking the section title in the toolbar above.

  1. Why is this important?

    This section contains more information about the objectives of this site and how it can be used by those planning a crisis counseling program.

  2. Why were we unique?

    This section provides background information about the uniqueness of the impact of and recovery process from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and how Louisiana Spirit met the needs of hurricane survivors.

  3. What was our role?

    This section includes information about services provided, descriptive information about survivors seen by the program, and information about the Louisiana Spirit providers for each service area.

  4. What did we learn?

    This section includes lessons learned from the Louisiana Spirit program regarding program management, service organization and delivery, and caring for CCP staff.

  5. What is our legacy?

    This section discusses the legacy left by Louisiana Spirit.

  6. Toolbox.

    This section contains various materials that can educate people about CCPs and inform the planning and management of future CCPs. A list of links to other websites that may be of interest can also be accessed in this section of the website.