Medicaid Members could get $200 for getting a COVID vaccine

Louisiana Medicaid is partnering with the Louisiana Medicaid managed care organizations to offer a $200 gift card to the first 100,000 Medicaid members who receive either the first or second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The “Shot Per 100,000” COVID vaccine administration program includes Medicaid enrollees only, ages six months and older, and offers a $200 gift card to eligible Medicaid members for a limited time period. Gift cards will be given to members by their health plans.

Where should members go for a COVID vaccine?

Members can get a vaccine at the location of their choice. For a list of vaccine administration locations, click here.

How do members know if they are eligible?

To be eligible for the incentive program, members: 

  • Must be age 6 months or older
  • Must be receiving their first or second dose of the COVID vaccine or the single dose COVID vaccine on or after April 5, 2022

Who is not eligible?

  • This program does not include booster shots.
  • Members who already received a gift card from LDH for receiving the COVID vaccine are not eligible.
  • The gift card offer does not apply to members who are already fully vaccinated.