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Provider Registration

How to Register

All providers who use these services must complete this form to register for the program - it should only take a few minutes. This helps us track what types of providers are utilizing our services so we can continue to improve them. Once registered you will be able to utilize the consultation line, TeleEcho sessions, resources, and more.


  • Consultation on diagnoses, medications, and psychotherapy interventions for a wide range of behavioral health needs (e.g. mental health care guides, screening forms)
  • Guidance on pediatric behavioral health issues, autism spectrum disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities and more through a TeleECHO series.
  • Resources to connect with community partners and agencies (e.g. intensive in-home providers, support groups).



As a consultation service, PPCL  makes recommendations based on the single consultation and we cannot take over the care of the patient. These recommendations can be used to develop a treatment plan in the context of the provider’s clinical judgment and experiences with the child, family, and knowledge of community services.