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The Office of Public Health's Center for Preventive & Community Health administers several programs designed to address special health needs for children and families.

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My child has or is at risk for a special physical/mental/behavioral/emotional health care need.

Children's Special Health Services
provides certain health care services to children and youth with special health care needs. Learn more

Genetic diseases run in my family, and I want to have my child tested.

Genetics Clinical Services
offers health services including testing, counseling, education, treatment and referral to families who have or are at risk for genetic diseases. Learn more.

I am concerned about lead poisoning, and I want to have my child tested.

Childhood Lead poisoning prevention program
conducts community outreach and education on this condition, and conducts blood screening to identify children who have elevated lead levels. Learn more

I or my relative have hemophilia and need access to health care and treatment.

Louisiana Hemophilia Program
helps patients diagnosed with this condition access affordable treatment. Learn more

I want to have my newborn tested for diseases or conditions.

Newborn Screening program
tests all babies born in Louisiana for 28 genetic, metabolic or congenital disorders that would be present at birth. Learn more.