Information for OCDD Providers

How to Become a ProviderProvider assisting young child

Get more information from the Department of Health (LDH) Health Standards Section on how to become a provider, click here.

Monthly Provider Calls and Upcoming Provider Events has moved. Please click here for access. The link also contains:

  • Information pertaining to the workforce initiative
  • Provider workforce survey results
  • Regional provide workforce summits


Q & A for Supports Waiver EVV Implementation (NEW)

Background Checks and Screening

Get more information from the LDH Health Standards Section on background checks and screening, click here.

Common Provider Questions of Developmental Disabilities Services (FAQs)

Get the answers to common questions that other providers, like you have already asked relating to being a provider of developmental disabilities services, click here.

Compliance and Oversight

Get the latest information from the LDH Health Standards Section on compliance and oversight, click here. Compliance and oversight information can also be found in the Medicaid provider manuals, click here.

EarlySteps Information for Providers

If you are currently a provider or interested in becoming an EarlySteps provider, click here.

Freedom of Choice Providers

If you are a provider and would like to be added to the Freedom of Choice Providers listing OR if you are a provider and would like to make changes regarding your current information, please complete the Medicaid Freedom of Choice List for Waiver Services - Provider Request Form, click here (Updated).  To view the Freedom of Choice Provider Listing map, click here.

Emergency Preparedness Information for Providers and Support Coordinators

In the event of a disaster, people with disabilities may need special assistance during their stay in an emergency shelter. These resources provide guidance for care during emergency situations. Located under "Related Files" providers and support coordinators can access best practices and guidelines. To access all emergency preparedness information, click here.

Health Standards Section

LDH Health Standards Section is responsible for the licenses health care facilities to operate in the state of Louisiana and certifies these facilities for participation in Medicare and Medicaid. HSS enforces regulatory compliance for health care facilities in the State of Louisiana. To learn more about HSS, click here.

Helpful Phone Numbers for Providers

To gain access to helpful phone numbers that are frequently used by providers, please click here.

Incident Reporting

Apply for an account to access the LDH web-based SIMS. Submit reports of alleged neglect, abuse, injuries, misappropriation, and critical incidents through SIMS.

Information for Health Care Providers

LDH serves as a resource for health care providers. The Medicaid webpages offer valuable information about the program, click here.

Information for Medicaid Providers

Louisiana's Medicaid providers deliver, valuable services to the state's Medicaid recipients, and their continued input and participation are critical to the state's health care delivery system. To get important contacts, click here.

Licensure and Certification

Get more information from the LDH Health Standards Section on Licensure and Certification, click here.

Louisiana Medicaid Provider Support Center

A one-stop source of various information and topics to assist Medicaid providers, click here.

Medicaid Rate Setting and Audit Resources

Obtain additional information regarding Medicaid rate setting and audit, click here.

OCDD Publications and Reports

To access the latest OCDD publications and reports, click here.

OCDD Waiver Guidelines, Documents and Forms

To access the latest OCDD waiver guidelines, documents and forms, click here.

Provider Enrollment

Get the provider application information on how to become a new enrollment and/or change ownership OR if you are currently an enrolled provider, forms to update existing provider information, click here.

Providers and Individuals Excluded from Delivering Services

Provider Forms

Provider Application for Deduction for Employment of certain Qualified Disabled Individuals

Provider Manuals

The intent of the service provider manual is to present useful information and guidance to providers participating in the Louisiana Medicaid Program. The manual is divided into two major components, a general information and administration chapter and individual program chapters, click here.

Provider Support

The Provider Relations Department is available to help providers with all of their billing and training questions. Provider Relations maintains a telephone inquiry staff as well as a correspondence unit. To contact the Provider Relations Department, call (800) 473-2783, (225) 924-5040 or click here.

Provider Monthly Calls & Upcoming Events

For all the Provider Monthly, Quaterly calls and Webinars click here

 Provider Memos

For all the Provider Memos click here.

OCDD ICF/IID Programmatic Unit

The ICF/IID Programmatic Unit is available to assist providers in enhancing quality of services for individuals residing in the facilities through specialized training and technical support. To get more information about this unit, click here.

Report Medicaid Fraud

Medicaid fraud is a crime that steals taxpayer money and robs vulnerable residents of care. If you suspect a recipient or a doctor, clinic, hospital, home health service or any other kind of medical provider is committing Medicaid fraud, report it, click here.

Resource Allocation Information

To get the latest New Opportunities Waiver (NOW) information regarding resource allocation, click here.


View links for state and national resources relating to services to information for individuals and with developmental disabilities and their families, click here.


Providers who provide services in the OCDD waivers will need to contact Statistical Resources, Inc. to obtain the LAST software in order to input data. Statistical Resources, Inc. can be contacted at (225) 767-0501. There is no cost for the software and training offered by SRI.

Training Materials

To view the various provider training materials listed, please click here.

To View HCBS Provider Training Videos