Office of Public Health Leadership

Doris Brown, MEd, MS, APRN, CNS
Assistant Secretary

Elizabeth Adkins
Senior Deputy Assistant Secretary, Center for Community and Preventive Health

Dr. Glennis Gray
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Center for Community Preparedness and Health Protection

Devin George 
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Center for Finance and Operations

Amanda Ames 
Director, Bureau of Engineering

Amy Zapata
Director, Bureau of Family Health

Martina Stribling
Chief Financial Officer

Dr. DeAnn Gruber
Director, Bureau of Infectious Diseases

Nadine Smith
Director, Bureau of Vital Records and Statistics

Dr. Sundee Winder
Executive Director, Bureau of Community Preparedness

Jennifer Nicklas
Director, Bureau of Nutrition Services

Colleen Arceneaux
Director, Bureau of Regional and Clinical Operations

Katherine Cain
Director, Bureau of Planning and Performance

Dr. Lee Mendoza
Director, Bureau of Health Informatics

Avis Richard
Director, Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Healthcare Access

Melissa Mendoza
Legislative Liaison

Michael Vidrine 
Chief Sanitarian, Bureau of Sanitarian Services

Susan Bailey
Director, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services

Dr. Richard Tulley
Director, OPH State Laboratory

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