Center for Finance and Operations

The LDH Office of Public Health Center for Finance and Operations is comprised of the following sections:


  • This section is charged with:
  • Annual Budget development, preparation and presentation to the Division of Administration and State Legislature;
  • Distribution of approval appropriation to agency organizations; and
  • Revenue and expenditure monitoring, forecasting and budgetary control over all OPH programs.


  • This section is responsible for the coordination, processing and input of over 1700 Professional Services Contracts for the Office of Public Health.


  • Management Control (Auditing) Internal Audit
  • This section is responsible for:
  • Statewide billing and collection of Medicaid, Office of Public Healthfee collection system and third-party revenues; and
  • Field audits of Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program.
  • Program Integrity is a sub-unit of the Management Control (Auditing) Internal Audit section.
  • This sub-unit is charged with insuring that programs comply with their respective charter purposes, as well as all office, state, and federal guidelines, rules and regulations through the design, development and implementation of audit plans, managerial reports and program performance assessments.

Operations and Support

  • This section is charged with:
  • Agency-wide telecommunication systems, property control and tagging, vehicle control, acquisition and maintenance;
  • Mail room service, copy and message/courier service;
  • Controls/authorizes of annual travel authorization and parking privileges; and
  • Agency-wide oversight of safety program and risk management assessment.