The LDH Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities offers a variety and ever-changing collection of resources, trainings and literature to assist consumers, their families, providers, advocates, and others access relevant materials.

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Staff within the OCDD have reviewed the websites below, which primarily reflect organizations in the State of Louisiana or those with a national prominence. These resources are provided because they have pertinent and informative content, may provide online help, answer questions you may have, or indicate resources available in Louisiana. OCDD does not specifically recommend the use of these sites or take responsibility for the content found within them. Unsolicited requests to include a website link for a specific organization, entity or for-profit company that is currently not listed, will not be added.

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If you wish to obtain a document or other resource that you cannot find on this webpage, please contact the OCDD Central Office at 225.342.0095 to request this information.