Central Louisiana State Hospital

Central Louisiana State Hospital (CLSH) is a free standing, full service psychiatric hospital by the State of Louisiana, fully accredited by The Joint Commission and certified by the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS).

The hospital's primary focus is to provide intermediate inpatient psychiatric care to Louisiana residents in need of service.  The hospital is licensed for 196 beds,  and maintains the statewide waiting list, which is the point of entry for patients admitted to both CLSH and Eastern Louisiana Mental Health System (ELMHS) .  

The Hospital is highly committed to cooperative work with other state agencies and with the state and regional mental health program to ensure the integration and coordination of hospital-community services into a comprehensive system of mental health care.

Treatment services provided by the Hospital include individual, group, and family therapy, recreational and occupational therapy, pharmacotherapy, speech and hearing therapy, nutritional counseling, dental services, pastoral care services, and limited diagnostic medical services

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P.O. Box 5031
Pineville, LA 71361

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Sandra Duck, CEO
(318) 484-6200
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Mission and Values

The mission of CLSH is to provide person centered quality assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, with emphasis on resiliency and recovery. In keeping with the hospital's mission, CLSH is a place of caring where individuals are treated with respect and compassion, and where accountability, integrity and excellence are consciously pursued.


CLSH Adaptive Behavior Service (ABS) consists of 120 adult beds aligned as follows: 60 beds dedicated to the Female Adaptive Behavioral Treatment Unit and 60 beds dedicated to the Male Adaptive Behavioral Treatment Unit. These units admit, evaluate and treat adults18 years of age and older that require intermediate psychiatric care. The philosophy of the Adaptive Behavior Service is to provide treatment which assists patients in achieving recovery and re-entry into the community as efficiently as possible, relative to the individual capacities and needs of the patient

Treatment Services:

Treatment Services are provided through highly qualified and competent interdisciplinary treatment teams. Individuals who make up the core treatment team are the patient, psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse, social worker, psychologist, activity therapist and/or work therapist. The treatment team members will individually and collectively assess, identify problems that caused the patient to be admitted to CLSH, and develop a treatment plan with specific goals and objectives that are both observable and measurable to overcome those identifiable problems. Each treatment team member will develop interventions to perform that are designed to help the patient achieve the goals and objectives that have been developed and agreed upon between the treatment team and the patient.

Psychiatric Services:

Psychiatric Services are provided by a Board certified or Board eligible Psychiatrist and allied health professionals. In addition to providing leadership to the treatment team, they assess all patients to provide diagnosis, problem identification, pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy to alleviate symptoms. They also refer the patients to various appropriate therapeutic activities to help with rehabilitation and reintegrate them into the community.

Physical Medical Services:

It is the mission of the Physical Health Support Service to ensure prompt physical disease detection and proper medical treatment to every patient admitted to Central Louisiana State Hospital and to coordinate referrals to outside care facilities, as necessary. It is also the mission of this service to assure that prompt attention be given to providing immediate supportive care and obtaining medical treatment for the injured or acutely ill person, whether it be patient, staff, or visitor.

Psychological Services:

Psychology staff provides a variety of services including consultation, group, individual, and behavioral therapy, psychological evaluations, treatment plan development, staff development and training, and program evaluation. Consultation is provided to multidisciplinary treatment teams, direct care staff, administration, and education department. Services are provided by licensed psychologists and by unlicensed associates supervised by licensed psychologists.

Nursing (24-hour) Services:

Nursing Services provides nursing care to clients/patients in accordance with the unique treatment plan of each individual. The Nursing Department interfaces with members of the medical staff, other hospital departments, and the patients to continually assess needs, plan appropriate health care actions, implement activities / therapies to achieve stated goals and objectives and then evaluate the outcome. All nursing members in each clinical area function under the direction of a registered nurse. Nursing care is delivered by a staff of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and psychiatric aides.

Social Services:

Psychosocial needs and community re-entry barriers are assessed and shared with multidisciplinary team members in the team process of matching in-house resources with needs and planning for post-hospital needs. As part of a system for continuity of care to maximize each patient's potential for sustained recovery and resilience, the hospital Social Worker coordinates individualized post discharge plans involving numerous community support agencies. Personnel include LCSW-BACS, LCSWs, LMSWs and Certified Co-occurring Disorder Professional-Diplomate.

Peer Support Services:

Peer Support Services function as advocates and engage their peers in caring and supportive relationships by sharing their own lived experiences of recovery and offering support. They help patients become and stay engaged in the recovery process and reduce the likelihood of relapse. Because these services are designed and delivered by peers who have been successful in the recovery process, they embody a powerful message of hope, as well as a wealth of experiential knowledge.

Pastoral Care:

Spiritual needs are addressed by both a Catholic Priest and a Protestant Chaplain. Mass and a Non-Denominational Service are offered at the CLSH Chapel. Transportation to the Chapel is provided for those patients who wish to attend and have off-Unit privileges. For Unit restricted patients, Pastoral visitation is offered on all Units. In addition to these worship experiences, our Priest and Chaplain are available to offer individual Pastoral counseling at the request of the patient or the Treatment Team.

Activity Therapy Services:

The Activity Therapy Department provides comprehensive individualized services that begin with an assessment of each patient upon admission. Through collaboration with the multidisciplinary treatment team, patients may be referred to occupational, recreational, and work therapies based on identified strengths, needs, interests, and treatment goals. Therapeutic groups and leisure activities are designed to address the physical, social, cultural, recreational, and health maintenance needs of the patients.

Occupational and recreational therapists offer various activities and modalities to help facilitate the development and maintenance of those skills and behaviors necessary for improved functional independence in a less restrictive environment. Therapists encourage active engagement in activities of choice while promoting healthy habits and routines which support wellness recovery. Work therapy services provide training in various vocational areas through part time job situations with close, supportive supervision provided by rehabilitation staff. Patients are afforded the opportunity to express themselves through work and develop their own capacities for adjustment and achievement in a working environment. The Activity Therapy Department also manages and operates a patient incentive level store, provides leisure activities on holidays and weekends, and conducts regularly scheduled community outings.

Nutritional Services:

Nutritional Services include the provision of nutritious meals, therapeutic diets, nutritional supplements, and snacks for the patients, special refreshments or meals for patient activities and functions, and professional services by a registered and licensed dietitian. All patients are nutritionally screened upon admission and during treatment plan updates in order to identify any nutritional risk factors, such as eating disorders, diabetes, etc., which would indicate the need for further nutritional evaluation. A Nutritional Assessment is completed by a registered dietitian upon physician request for a nutritional consult relating to any identified nutritional risk factor or upon placement of the patient on any type of therapeutic diet. After evaluation of the patient's nutritional needs, the dietitian will make any necessary recommendations to the physician regarding nutritional care of the patient. Other nutritional services provided by a dietitian include diet counseling to patients, and/or their families as ordered or requested, nutrition education classes and/or cooking classes for the patients, and consults with medical and nursing staff, as needed, regarding nutritional care of the patients.

Client Rights Services:

This service ensures that all client rights are followed by educating patients about their rights, monitoring patient complaints and concerns, conducting patient representative meetings, and following up to ensure client satisfaction with the outcome.

Administrative and Support Services:

As with every Hospital, there are a number of departments that play an integral role in the day to day operations, including Environment of Care, Quality Management, Pharmacy, Education and Training, Health Information, Fiscal, Human Resources, and Administration.

Other Therapy Services:

Other therapy services are offered on an as-needed basis. As determined by the physician or treatment team, other therapies can be accessed such as Speech, Hearing, or Physical Therapy. These therapies are accessed through special contracts with therapists who either come to the facility or the patient is brought to the therapist.

On-Site Programs:

The following programs, while housed on the grounds of Central Louisiana State Hospital, remain distinct and have their own admission and/or service protocol. They are not part of the management structure of this facility.

  • Caring Choices
  • Pathways Treatment Center
  • The Extra Mile
  • Human Service District
  • Bridge House
  • Phase II
  • VOA Residence 3

Continuous Public Involvement:

Central Louisiana State Hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission. A main tenet of The Joint Commission's accreditation process is the provision of continuous, safe, high-quality patient care through continuous standards compliance. As such, continuous interaction between a health care organization and its public helps determine if it's meeting that goal.

The organization provides notices to its publics that when an individual has any concerns about patient care and safety in the organization, he or she is encouraged to contact the organization's management. If the concerns in question cannot be resolved at this level, the individual is to be encouraged by the organization to contact the Joint Commission.

The Joint Commission may be contacted in any of the following manners:

Mailing Address:

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
One Renaissance Boulevard
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181


(630) 792-5800

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