Workplace Violence

 Act 461 enacts reforms to address workplace violence in healthcare settings, including but not limited to establishing duties and requirements of licensed healthcare facilities with respect to addressing and preventing workplace violence; requiring the posting of certain cautionary signage at licensed healthcare facilities; requiring reporting of acts of workplace violence occurring at licensed healthcare facilities; prohibiting retaliation by certain employers in connection with reporting of healthcare workplace violence; requiring the Louisiana Department of Health to maintain on its website public information regarding healthcare workplace violence; and authorizing enforcement actions by the Department. 

For more information on how to file a complaint against a non-compliant facility licensed by the Department, click here.

  •  Act 461 Legislation
  • Workplace Signage - Please note that this downloadable sample/template contains the language for the sign as required in Act 461; however, please see R.S. 40:2199.13 (on page 3 of Act 461) regarding the requirements for the size of the sign and the size of the font, as well as placement of the sign in the regulated entity’s facility.

Healthcare Workplace Violence ResourcesThe following is a list or resources and tools that may be utilized in the development of a workplace violence program pursuant to Act 461 of the 2022 Legislative Session. Click here for a pdf of this listing.

The Joint Commission 

United State Department of Labor – Occupational Safety & Health Administration 

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention – National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health